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Heatmapping is a way to analyze your website’s traffic. It will show you the differences between how you think people should use the website vs. how they actually use it. I like using Hotjar but a lot of people use Lucky Orange too.

Ask yourself these four questions and follow ups to optimize your website’s user experience and create more conversions.

  1. Are people clicking on things that do nothing?

    Follow up: If so, can you make it clickable in a way that makes sense? Or can you eliminate it to reduce confusion?

    For example: You might have product photos in a hero section, but clicking does nothing. In that case link out those products.
  2. What elements of the website are being ignored?

    Follow up: Are these areas just taking up space and increasing load time? Can you remove those areas to streamline the page?
  3. What are the priority areas that 80% of people are going to?

    Follow up: How can you make those high traffic areas easier for the majority of people?
  4. Did people scroll all the way to the bottom of your page without taking action?

    Follow up: What did they click on in the footer? Is that something you can make more obvious at the top of the page?