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Paid ads attract top of funnel traffic. It’s usually a cold audience that isn’t at the buying stage yet. It’s just an entry point to your brand. Sometimes I see people send their paid ads to a collections page, which isn’t an ideal user experience. Personalized and targeted strategies perform much better.

For example, after someone clicks on your ad, send them to a landing page. A landing page made specifically for people that clicked on that ad. It needs to look and feel like a continued experience including headlines and photos. Then, get the clicker on some kind of hook. Use positioning and messaging that makes them feel like this is the product for them. Show the product and show social proof.

If you are getting people to click on your ad, right there that’s a win. Now, what are you going to do to help them move down the funnel buying process? You’ve whittled your audience down so retargeting and increasing the number of touchpoints will be essential.

Key takeaway: Facebook and Instagram aren’t going to typically be one click sales conversions. They are seeds for future sales.