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We’ve all been here at some point. It feels like you can’t stop working, or things will just stop, but you don’t make enough yet to fully outsource. You created a business to have freedom and be your own boss, but before you know it it feels like you’re in this non stop hamster wheel. I’ve been there myself and these are the things I like to do to help manage it.

Get in the Right Mindset

I immediately start taking inventory of the things I’m grateful for. I think of all the wins no matter how big or small. Then, I run through my short and long term goals. When I remember the why’s behind my business it helps get me motivated.

Utilize Contractors to Outsource Important Tasks

In the beginning, you may not be making enough to hire full time employees. Contractors are great because you can outsource certain tasks, without taking on full time employee costs. Outsource tasks that are essential for your business to function, but that you don’t enjoy doing. When you take time to pause and really break down all the tasks you are in the hamster wheel doing, you may realize there are a lot that are sucking up time, but not adding much ROI.

Take a Day Off

Your business won’t blow up if you take one day off. You don’t even need to ask permission or forgiveness, because it’s your business! That’s the magic of it. Shaking up your routine and stepping back, even just for a day can help clear your perspective.