Shopify Expert Insights

E-Com Advice from our experienced in-house team

To maximize conversions, your online store's checkout process should:

  1. Feel seamless with your overall brand.
  2. Eliminate friction for customers.

Follow these tips:

  • Brand Consistency:
    • Include your logo.
    • Use your brand colors.
    • Pick fonts that match your site.
    • Mirror your header layout. Position logo similarly, match header color, etc.
    • Maintain brand voice. Customize labels to fit your tone, like "Keep me in the loop!" for email opt-in.
  • Prioritize payment options. Remove those used less than 5% based on your reports.
  • Clarify shipping:
    • Use carrier-calculated rates to show exact details.
    • Limit choices to 2 key options: free and premium.
  • Streamline fields. Omit non-essentials like company or extra address.
  • Cross-sell throughout. Suggest related products to boost sales.

The simpler your checkout, the more customers will complete purchases. Keep testing and improving!