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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is the art of coaxing search engines in to driving traffic for specific keywords to a particular website. There are two approaches. Paid or organic inclusion. Paid SEO is the most straight-forward method, as a webmaster pays for traffic in the form of advertising. By buying Google AdWords or paying for banner ads, traffic is driven to their site. While anyone can buy ads, the trick is to maximize the efficiency of these ad campaigns by carefully controlling placement so that each click paid for is actually within the target market. With some AdWords campaigns exceeding $100k monthly, it is self-evident why a campaign manager is necessary to ensure the efficacy of each paid click. Organic or natural SEO strategy is a multi-faceted discipline that seeks to place a website as high as possible in search rankings for relevant keywords. Content strategy, link building, accessibility, and competitor analysis are the corner stones of any good organic SEO plan. Organic search engine marketing is critical to the success of any online business. All of our websites are designed in such a way to be easily and completely read and indexed by search engines. This guarantees that our clients' customers can easily find them. Additionally, employing organic SEO strategy from the ground-up has the added benefit of improving accessibility, increasing the base of users who can view our designs.