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While different clients and projects require unique design and development processes, a typical EtherCycle website is created in the following order:
  1. A consultation assesses your needs, aims, and budget.
  2. A proposal is created to establish the project's budget, goals, and timeline.
  3. A type of poster design called a mood board is created to develop our design concepts and to communicate to other members of the design team.
  4. Mockups of the home page are created.
  5. Mockups of the internal pages are created.
  6. Content is supplied or created as necessary.
  7. Development begins.
  8. Usability testing ensures the website is easy to use.
  9. Cross-browser compatibility testing allows for thorough debugging.
  10. Meta Tags are created based on market analysis.
  11. The site is live, Champagne is enjoyed.
This is definitely an oversimplification of what occurs, but to those of you who are new to the process, it may be helpful. It's also important to note that the client is included in every step, and if anything is not to their satisfaction, that step is repeated. Typically, the home page mockup (step3) is repeated several times to achieve the client's vision. To date, the development process has never had to be repeated as our sites have always exceeded our client's expectations.