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  1. My first loyalty in any web project is to the users.
  2. I will use the most up-to-date web standards and technologies to guarantee my users a positive experience.
  3. I will do the best I can to support the least capable of my users without compromising the experience of my best ones.
  4. I will always adhere to a separation of content and presentation in my markup.
  5. I will always use sensible and semantic CSS.
  6. I will not use HTML elements purely for presentation.
  7. I will design for the content.
  8. I will enhance my websites using semantic technologies wherever possible.
  9. While I understand and practice good SEO, I do not, and will not ever use black hat SEO techniques.
  10. I will do my best to support and educate my fellow web designers on the importance of web standards.
  11. I will not degrade my work, nor my industry, by working on spec.
  12. I shall not, through action or inaction, allow my company or my clients to use work on spec.
  13. If I meet a professional web designer who uses table layouts, I will punch him or her in the face for degrading our industry.
Source: Sneak-Attack Philosophy by Bernard Yu