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It’s easy to get caught up in all the aps, flashy content and new softwares that can make you think - if I just do this one thing, that will be the turning point for my store. The best brands focus on one thing initially to scale - fundamentals. Don’t overcomplicate things.

Key Fundamentals Checklist:

Customer Service

Excellent customer service is what gives customers a great shopping experience and builds repeat business loyalty.

  • Make sure you have a returns manager - Bold Returns Manager is a great option.
  • Write up some FAQ’s and have them easily available.
  • Utilize support ticketing software to track and follow up on issues.


Positioning is vital for your business and story to extend beyond just a product or service offering. It’s what your customers will identify with.

  • Talk with your customers and do a customer survey. It’s amazing how many businesses forget just how important this is. You might know why you’d buy, but what are your customer’s resonating with?
  • As your business grows, keep coming back to your positioning to be sure it makes sense and still aligns.

Messaging Copy

After you nail your positioning - this will be the cornerstone of your marketing copy. It will tell a story and align across various channels.

  • Write marketing messaging copy that is tonal and tells a story.
  • Review your products performing in the top 20% and re-write those descriptions.
  • We recorded a whole podcast episode on just this topic: Your Most Important Page is Product.

Welcome Email Series

Once you get your welcome series dialed in and performing right, it will print money. It’s one of the most important email series because it gives people the opportunity to understand the value you are offering.

Check out an article of mine for more information on this topic: Improving Your Klaviyo Email Welcome Series With These Tips.