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The most valuable email workflow you can add to your store is the Abandoned Cart sequence. In today's drive, I walk through a proven 3 or 4 email sequence you can use.

Links mentioned:

  1. Shopify Abandoned Cart Template
  2. Klaviyo Free Trial

Today's drive comes from the beach where I'm on vacation, answering a question from Andy Bedell, "how do you go on vacation as a business owner?"

You know what my biggest pet peeve is?

Shopify stores with an unstyled checkout!

I've seen beautiful stores with great products…

and they completely fail the user when it comes to checkout time

In today's drive, I walk through the steps to setting up a checkout for maximum conversions

How do you tackle wholesale?

We review the four methods to use in Shopify (and why you should!)

Discover the 5-steps to building and scaling profitable Facebook ad campaigns for your Shopify store.

  • Learn what's working right NOW with Facebook Ads, and how you can use it to sell more products in your online store.
  • Learn to use your customer's buying psychology to boost sales and conversions.
  • Learn the 3 most important audience segments, and how to craft the perfect ad copy for each of them

Plus a Q&A

In today's Sunday drive (late edition) I answer a common question from clients: "Should you be the face of your business?"

In today's drive, a reader asked me for "some more information about paid traffic such as Google Ads." Paid traffic is both a tremendous opportunity for growth and an easy way to lose money. I lay out some strategies to reduce the risk.

On April 20th, a thousand Shopify Partners from around the world gathered together in San Francisco for our 2nd annual Unite conference: a two-day event to discuss all things Shopify, commerce, and technology.

And they announced a ton of stuff. There was something for everyone announced: new payment options, Shopify Plus features, app APIs, new theme toolkits, and more.

In this live webinar, we discuss the latest Shopify news & eCommerce trends for 2017 and what it means for your business. Plus we'll answer your questions live.

The panel:

  1. Ross Beyeler, Growth Spark
  2. Gavin Ballard, Disco Labs
  3. Kurt Elster, Ethercycle

We conclude with a live Q&A.

A viewer asked: "What makes a good lead magnet?"