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A viewer asked: "Hey Kurt, what is a productive & cost-effective conversion rate optimization strategy for Shopify ecommerce websites?"

Oh man. I love conversion rate optimization. It's alluring to business owners as a 'sack of money' button, but to me, it means "data-driven design decisions." In this six-minute episode, I lay out three practical methods for improving your conversion rate.

If you'd like assistance with your conversion rate, I do offer conversion rate optimization as a service.

Two questions from The Unofficial Shopify Podcast Facebook Group get answered today when I reveal my 3-Step Content Marketing Plan that I use, and you can too.

The first is "Where should I post my content?" and the second is "How to come up with topics to write about for both your blog and your pre-sale newsletter?"

Adam Owens says, "It would be an interesting show topic to discuss averages. I have a hard time knowing where I stand on some key metrics… finding what to expect and knowing if what I am doing is working well (compared to the industry)"

What's the single hardest part about growing a store? The list! I noodle on that topic in today's Sunday Drive

Tony Mantz emailed me to say, "Landing pages befuddle me, what they are supposed to do and or look like?"

I was talking to my friend Ross Beyeler, a fellow Shopify Plus Expert, over at Growth Spark last week.

I was venting to him about how ridiculous startup culture is. How sick it is that entrepreneur sometimes fetishizes the worst parts of being an entrepreneur.

In this 3-minute video, I offer my contrarian view on owning a business:

Optimize your theme's image assets in five minutes.

Jonathan Kennedy asked me a great question in The Unofficial Shopify Podcast Facebook group:

"How do you motivate team members & staff, and how do you keep them motivated for the long term?"

In this Sunday Drive video, I explore the three keys to building a team.

Jim Hudson asks, "I'm profitable. I have my email automations set up. I'm converting well. Now, how can I go large? Scale up! Do you recommend focusing on content marketing? Give away as much valuable stuff as possible?"

Last week we shipped two projects that I'm proud of, and wanted to share with you as a bit of inspiration.


For FCTRY, a Brooklyn-based product design company, we made a Kickstarter-style landing page in Shopify that dynamically updates for their latest product launch.

It's such a great way to build engagement and excitement around what would otherwise be just another preorder.

The same day that launched, we launched another pre-order campaign, this time for a $3K+ Swiss watch from the founder of EverestBands.


This one is quite a bit more involved though. We designed & developed the entire theme ourselves. If you're into dive watches, check it out–

Want to invest in something similar for your business? Get in touch.