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A viewer asked: "What makes a good lead magnet?"

A viewer asked: "Hey Kurt, what is a productive & cost-effective conversion rate optimization strategy for Shopify ecommerce websites?"

Oh man. I love conversion rate optimization. It's alluring to business owners as a 'sack of money' button, but to me, it means "data-driven design decisions." In this six-minute episode, I lay out three practical methods for improving your conversion rate.

If you'd like assistance with your conversion rate, I do offer conversion rate optimization as a service.

Two questions from The Unofficial Shopify Podcast Facebook Group get answered today when I reveal my 3-Step Content Marketing Plan that I use, and you can too.

The first is "Where should I post my content?" and the second is "How to come up with topics to write about for both your blog and your pre-sale newsletter?"

Adam Owens says, "It would be an interesting show topic to discuss averages. I have a hard time knowing where I stand on some key metrics… finding what to expect and knowing if what I am doing is working well (compared to the industry)"

What's the single hardest part about growing a store? The list! I noodle on that topic in today's Sunday Drive

Tony Mantz emailed me to say, "Landing pages befuddle me, what they are supposed to do and or look like?"

I was talking to my friend Ross Beyeler, a fellow Shopify Plus Expert, over at Growth Spark last week.

I was venting to him about how ridiculous startup culture is. How sick it is that entrepreneur sometimes fetishizes the worst parts of being an entrepreneur.

In this 3-minute video, I offer my contrarian view on owning a business:

Optimize your theme's image assets in five minutes.

Jonathan Kennedy asked me a great question in The Unofficial Shopify Podcast Facebook group:

"How do you motivate team members & staff, and how do you keep them motivated for the long term?"

In this Sunday Drive video, I explore the three keys to building a team.