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Somebody ran a negative SEO campaign against us.

Apparently, I founded the ecommerce community’s go-to source for "buy viagra/Cialis online." 😂

In today's drive, I'll explain what happened, how we found out, what impact it had, and exactly how we fixed it.

Watch now.

Hope that helps!

Talk soon,

We all know that entrepreneurs have a different mindset.

What sets a successful entrepreneur’s mindset apart from everyone else?

Is it a penchant for risk-taking, big thinking, or a preternatural charisma?

And if we can identify it, can you cultivate it for yourself?

2017 has been, without a doubt, my best year ever. And it wasn’t an accident. It was largely the result of a concerted focus on my own mindset.

As you begin planning for 2018, I’ve put together simple, practical tactics you can use to achieve your business goals.

Hope this helps!

Yesterday we hosted a baby shower for my sister-in-law. The 12’ Christmas tree presently in our family room was unavoidable, and turned into quite the hot button issue. Some people felt it was fantastic while other more grinch-like folks felt it was strictly too early. (My wife gets the final word: “We call it the Thanksgiving tree because it’s my house so don’t worry about my up-before-Thanksgiving tree.”)

Tree or no tree, Black Friday is closer than ever.

Over at our new office, we’ve been working on preparing our clients for Black Friday, and doing some really clever stuff with Shopify Scripts and Launchpad.

Here’s an example of a Black Friday sale script we made last week for a client that I’m really proud of:

It's safe to say I’ve been thinking non-stop about Black Friday Cyber Monday lately, and I have three quick wins for you.

In today’s drive I’ll reveal:

  1. an app combo that will increase your average order value one out of every three times
  2. and two outside the box ideas to increase customer lifetime value the week after Black Friday.

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Talk soon,

Are you putting off creating a holiday email marketing plan because planning emails is a chore?

Save yourself hours of research and planning with our 2017 Holiday Email Marketing Guide. It's a no-fluff executive summary that will show you every opportunity to send holiday emails, examples of subject lines that get opened, how many emails to send to maximize revenue, and one tip to not annoy customers.

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If you are less than 100% satisfied with your purchase and email me saying so, I will immediately click the Refund button and return 100% of your money, no questions asked.

My wife and I are hosting Thanksgiving for this first time year. That means we just over two weeks to get ready.

That also means that you have just over two weeks to get your store in the best possible position to make the most out Black Friday.

To help you, I’ve put together the absolute easiest optimization tips I could think of that any store owner can implement in an afternoon.

Today’s video starts with a cameo from my wife, who loves the holidays as you’ll see.

Hope that helps!

A 17-year-old High School student and entrepreneur reached out to me and asked for help.

He said, "My biggest frustration is the Facebook ads. They just don’t convert for me. I’ve been following the methods that I found on YouTube and what other people told me like, to be specific. It just doesn’t work."

Here’s what I told him, and I thought I’d share it with you.

The ad itself is almost less important than the audience. Figuring out the targeting is the hardest part of Facebook Ads by far.

Here’s one hack that may help:

Leverage other people’s audiences.

Two ways to do it:

  1. Facebook lets you share audiences now. So you could approach other merchants and ask if they’d be willing to swap audiences with you. Then you advertise to their audience.
  2. If you can get your hands on an email list of customers from someone, you can upload that as a custom audience, and then advertise to them.

But what if you have no audience at all. Then build a FB page first and put all your ad dollars toward getting page likes. Done right, they’re pennies. Then target people who engaged with that page. Build a lookalike audience from that page.

That’s what we discuss in today’s drive.

Talk soon,

PS: Get the 2017 Holiday Email Marketing Guide:

Did you know you can try Shopify Flow for free with a Shopify development store account?

I love automation in general, and I know Shopify Flow is the killer app for Shopify Plus.

In this quick screencast tutorial, I demonstrate the power of Flow with two workflows that will automate risk analysis and tag customers based on purchases for future segmentation.

If you think Flow could help grow your business, contact me, and we'll set up a time to talk it through.

A few weeks ago a member of my Shopify Facebook group had asked about email pop-ups. (The answer is to use Privy.)

But what do you offer in your pop-up?

I like to offer several things. We generally put together a welcome series based on existing content, but in this instance, there was no content to work with.

Usually, I'd do something like this:

  1. Welcome email with quick intro
  2. How we discovered the pain our product solves
  3. The surprising root of the pain our problem
  4. Our solution
  5. Reviews & Testimonials
  6. 48-hour flash sale using dynamic coupon code
  7. 24-hour warning that sale is ending

Each would be separated by one day, Making a purchase automatically removes the person from the workflow. In today's drive, I'll talk through this sequence in more depth.

After having talk to dozens of successful entrepreneurs for my podcast, and having run my own business for close to a decade now, I realized that I ton of success is dependent on your mindset and how you see the world and make decisions.

In today’s drive we’re going to talk through the mindset of successful entrepreneurs, how you can apply it to your own business, and what happened at the endurance race that I competed in this weekend.

I went to my brother-in-law’s house today to put the finishing touches on our race car, Thomas the Jetta, as we prepare for our first endurance race next weekend.

As I put the sponsor stickers on the car, one of my teammates commented, “I can’t believe how many sponsors you got," And I agreed because I too can’t believe how many sponsors I got.

That got me thinking: How the hell did I do that? How did I sell nine sponsorships for a plainly ridiculous project on a whim when most people genuinely struggle to sell their first items with their stores. What’s the difference? That’s what we’ll talk about on today’s drive.

If you want to know the secret behind why some designers can churn out high-converting pages consistently and others are hit-or-miss, it’s because of one mindset.

In today’s drive, I share the simple truths I've learned about design & content from running data-driven conversion rate optimization tests on 7-figure stores.

Watch now…

Talk soon,